Clay - Monster - Kit

Clay - Monster - Kit




This kit will provide you and/or your child with something fun and creative to do.

  1. Order this kit online.
  2. Drive to the studio and come on in to pick up or call us when you arrive and we will bring out to you curbside.
  3. Take the kit home.
  4. Watch our video instructions on the Glazey Dayz FaceBook Page
  5. Follow along through the steps to create this piece.
  6. When complete let the clay dry at home for 2 days and be careful as "greenware" is very delicate.
  7. After 2-3 days paint the piece with the provided paint. You must use the paints provided by Glazey Dayz. Any other paints cannot be put in our kiln.
  8. Bring back to the studio (carefully) in the provided container and we will fire it. Please keep in mind that clay is very very delicate before it is fired. 

Please note the photo does not reflect our clay monster glazed and fired!

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