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Butter Dish

Butter Dish


Price includes one Butter Dish. Paints are additional and can be chosen under PAINTS in the main menu or click on PAINTS in this description.


Paint Recommendations as painted (on average) :

  • Base Bottom - Orange opaque (3 coats) 1 Large paints required
  • Cover - Kept white and decorated with dots using 1-Small Paint for each of the chosen colors. If white was to be done solid 1-Large Paint would be required. 
  • Technique tip - Use a couple different paint brush handles to create dots. Dip handle of brush in paint and dot where you want them, then take second color and smaller handled brush, insert in another color and dot inside to create multiple colored dots. 
  • Please note, anything that you do not paint will come out of the kiln shiny white from the glazing process. (no need to paint white)
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