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Frankenstein Cup

Frankenstein Cup


Frankenstein Cup is 5" in tall and 3.5" in wide.



Paint needed as Pictured above:

(Anything not painted comes out white. For the deep opaque color 3 coats are required. It is important to make sure each coat dries completely before addint the next.)


Frankenstein Head - 1 large (Lighter green)

Around Eyes and Nose  - 1 Medium (Darker Green)

Hair & Stiches  - 1 Large (Black)

Details - 1 Small for each detail color


Pricing (+tax) covers one ceramic piece, glazing and firing. This pricing does not include paint which you need to order seperately.  If you purchase on-line (to reserve) and choose to paint in studio, this pricing does not cover studio fees. Studio fees include the paint required to paint the piece.

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