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Modern Light Up XMAS  Tree

Modern Light Up XMAS Tree


A new modern Christmas tree for the 2020 holiday season. $59.95 (+tax) includes one Battery Pack  Lighted XMAS Tree  11.5" x 8", glazing, firing, and lights. Paints are additional and can be chosen under PAINTS in the main menu or click on PAINTS in this description.


Paint Recommendations (on average) :

(Anything not painted comes out white. For the deep opaque color 3 coats are required. It is important to make sure each coat dries completely before addint the next.)


  • Tree -  1 Large for each green color 
  • Base Trunk  - 1 Large
  • Details(1-Small) per detail color 


This pricing does not include paint which you need to order seperately. If you purchase on-line (to reserve) and choose to paint in studio, this pricing does not cover the studio fee. When painting in the studio, studio fees cover the cost of the paints. If you choose to use a specialty glaze they are additional. 

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