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Small Shallow Bowl - Kit

Small Shallow Bowl - Kit


Tracing Technique

Kit includes one small shallow 6" wide bowl and the following:


Print something out from your home computer, or a picture in a magazine and follow the Technique Take Out video posted on Glazey Dayz Facebook page. Your design can be put on this mug by following the steps outlined by Heather. You must use the paints provided by Glazey Dayz. Any other paints cannot be put in our kiln.


Here's the FB Live Technique Link


Tracing Paper -

1 piece Saral Tracing Paper


*Assuming that the background of the mug stays white.

Included in the kit are 5 Small Paint colors- Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White.

If you want the background (base) of the mug to be one color you will need to purchase 1 additional X-Large paint. 


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