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Baby Peacock - Kit

Baby Peacock - Kit


All inclusive price (+tax) includes one ceramic piece, paint, paint brush, glazing and firing. Choose your colors from the pictures here, or you can go to Paints & Glazes to select the colors you would like included in your kit. Put the color name (white, black, tinman, etc) or the color number (Y1, B2..etc.) in the answers below so that your To Go Kit includes your custom selected colors. 


Included with this piece: 

Large Paint - 1 Paint Color (Choose)

Small Paint - 2 Paint Colors (Choose)


Please note, only paints provided by Glazey Dayz can be used. We do not use acrylic paints. Any other paints other than Glazey Dayz can not be fired in our kiln. If you want additional paints they can be ordered on line.

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