Hearts for Heroes

Updated: May 2, 2020

It is unreal to see the impact that the Corona Virus has had on everyone. When my Dad was admitted to the hospital recently for a different reason, I was overcome with what I saw first hand. The effort and care that the hospitals and healthcare caregivers are giving to so many people and putting themselves at risk was overwhelming. I wanted to do something to show our gratitude and love to these frontline workers. Since children are out of school I thought it would be a great activity for them to create hearts of love and gratitude that would be displayed publicly to show how much we care, and called it "Hearts for Heroes". To encourage people to make hearts I promised to donate $1 for every heart, and that the total donation would go towards a gift card from a local eatery. You all amazed me and showed you cared by creating and putting up 107 "Hearts for Heroes" through Sunday, April 26th. Seeing the front doors of Glazey Dayz full of so many colorful and hand made hearts fills me with joy every morning I go in. Several of our customers Michele, Krista, Kelsey and Karen also donated cash as well (thank you very much!) We chose Hardcore Sweets to be the local eatery that the donation would go towards. Nicole Braddock, owner of Hardcore Sweet, created special cupcakes with red hearts of love, and white masks! She even made her own donation by adding cookies and additional cupcakes. With the help and coordination of Jeremy Rodrigo of the Waterbury Hospital, the cupcakes and cookies were delivered to the nurses and doctors on Wednesday. Jeremy sent these photos and commented "It's amazing the affect cupcakes have on people!" I really want to thank everyone as it was really sweet that you all made the effort to show you care and appreciate the risk the caregivers are all taking everyday. If you know of a local caregiver, encourage them to drive by the studio so they can see how much their efforts are appreciated.

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